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Originally posted on Hasoob:

Google has it’s hands firmly dipped in the mobile market with Android, they’re tackling the augmented reality market quite publicly with Google Glass and now they’ve released Android Wear.

Android WearWhat you need to know in a nutshell:

  • It’s a SDK (Software Development Kit), that means developers have a platform like Android to build their apps and release wearable devices such as watches, heart rate monitors etc.
  • It will allow developers and manufacturers to create wearables that adhere to guidelines like Android, essentially a platform
  • It will sync with your devices via Bluetooth
  • It’s highly contextual, it’s based on Google Now, it’s aimed at giving the user quickly glanceable information when it’s relevant
  • It’s interface is controlled by gestures and voice
  • It’s aimed at also monitoring your health and fitness

See the video below so that you can get a good idea of what you can expect from it

Before you…

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I concur. It is indeed awesome.

Originally posted on BGR:

The Jawbone UP was the best fitness tracker I had ever used. From design, to accuracy, to the accompanying software, everything about the UP was fantastic… except for the quality control standards employed by Jawbone and its manufacturing partner. After going through five defective UP bands in the course of seven months, I had no choice but to give up on Jawbone’s UP and switch to the vastly inferior Fitbit Flex. At the time, I also said I probably wouldn’t try any future fitness bands Jawbone might release, since my experience with the UP was so disappointing.

Well, it turns out I lied.

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My biggest issue is I love watches, so can’t wear the B1 everyday.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Being as chiseled as I am is tough. You have to eat right (brownies only every other day), exercise (take the stairs to the attic), and keep tabs on things like your heart rate and body temperature while playing Sim City. That’s why the Basis is one of the best “general purpose” body monitors I’ve seen. The band, which senses your blood flow, body temperature, and perspiration along with steps and motion, is a small, discreet watch-like system that works surprisingly well as a standard pedometer but offers a way to break bad habits and make new ones.

I’m a longtime fan of quantified health devices for the simple reason that they offer immediate feedback on my current activity level and health. I’ve been using Fitbits for as long as they’ve been available and I’ve managed to lose 20 pounds by keeping my activity up and not eating like a…

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