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Originally posted on Emerging Media & the Market:

Search Engine Optimization isn’t exclusive to companies with large budgets. There are several quick and dirty SEO tips small businesses and individuals can use to rank higher in search engines and make their content more visible to audiences. The following five SEO tips are simple ways anyone can optimize an online presence:

SEO Tip 1: Blog.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo favor fresh, updated content. A beautiful and newly-launched website is best optimized if well-maintained. A great way to ensure proper maintenance is to add a blog component to your website, which encourages the creation of fresh, new content that is cranked out on a weekly basis.

Not sure how to get started? Check out Mashable’s HOW TO: Create a Successful Company Blog. Simply define your audience, and start from there.

SEO Tip 2: Promote on Social Media.

Publish a new blog post that you know your audience will enjoy? Share it on…

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Originally posted on Uncrunched:

Facebook announced a new way for people to log in to apps “anonymously” today. You still log into the (third party) app using your Facebook credentials, but Facebook sends absolutely no information about you at all to the app.

Read all the coverage about it on TechMeme. The tech press is impressed, even to to point of wondering if there’s a catch.

I don’t know the details, such as if this is something all apps have to implement if they want Facebook login, or if developers can opt not to offer it while still using the “normal” FB login.

But it doesn’t really matter. Facebook is addressing a strong desire for privacy by its users.

Distill that even further and it comes down to this – Facebook is treating its users, at least in this case, like its customers.

Then there’s Google. Today I read that they’re going to…

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Originally posted on Deepak verma:

As part of an ongoing major redesign on mobile, Shazam has just rolled out a new version of its iOS app. Adding to the changes we saw last month, today’s update focuses on offering improved social sharing features, an even better lyrics experience…
March 29, 2014 at 01:44PM

By Deepak verma

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We’re breeding a nation of cross-eyed technophiles.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Fresh off its update to Android KitKat, Google Glass is getting a couple of new features later this week.

Until now, iPhone users with Glass weren’t able to receive text messages on their devices. Starting later this week, Google will roll out an update that will finally allow them to see text messages right in front of their right eyes. It will not, however, allow them to send text messages. “You won’t be able to reply from Glass due to some limitations with iOS,” Google says. Android users, of course, don’t have to worry about that, because text messages always worked on Glass for them.

The other new update the team announced today is the addition of a Calendar to Glass. Once it’s turned on, it will show your agenda to the left of the home screen and from there, you can change the title, time and location of an event, as…

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