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Interesting to see Amazon playing catch up in the streaming space with a recently launched campaign Amazon Pilot Season asking you to pick the best of 5 potential series to kick off a full season of episodes. Apparently this is the 3rd wave of such activity, although the first 2 passed me by.

You’ll find more details on Twitter @AmazonVideoUK and ironically they’ve also been pushing this pilot season through conventional TV platforms!


The unlikely reunion that only Hollywood could produce.

Originally posted on TIME:

This is an intriguing crossover: The Wire stars Idris Elba and Dominic West will reunite for the Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory. The actors known for playing drug kingpin Stringer Bell and bad-boy cop Jimmy McNulty will both lend their voices to the wholesome Pixar sequel, West toldShortList this week.

Though the kids’ movie probably will not involve an underwater shoot-out, Pixar has a history of nodding to cultural landmarks, like 2001: A Space Odyssey in WALL-E and The Shining in Toy Story 3. So adults in the audience might be treated to a few sly drug-dealing references in Finding Dory.

Elba and West join an all-star cast for the cartoon. Ellen DeGeneres will return as Dory and Albert Brooks as Marlin. Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy and Ty Burrell have also signed on for the sequel.


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Originally posted on TED Blog:

Tony DeRose captivated the audience at TEDYouth, sharing how mathematics makes Pixar characters look so life-like. Photo: Ryan Lash

Tony DeRose captivated the young audience at TEDYouth, talking about how mathematics makes Pixar characters look so real. Photo: Ryan Lash

Pixar films are known for their thoughtful storytelling and groundbreaking animation. One of the coolest things about these movies: the math that Pixar’s team is actually inventing to improve the audience experience and the look of the characters. We caught up with Pixar’s Research Lead, Tony DeRose—who gave the TED-Ed Lesson, “The math behind the movies,” about how arithmetic, trigonometry and geometry helped bring Woody and the rest of your favorite characters to life—to hear more. Bonus: we got to hear about his own progression from building model rockets to creating Oscar-winning characters.

What got you interested in mathematics as a kid?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in science, but my interest in mathematics really began when I was in 7th grade. I was into building model…

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