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Originally posted on Emerging Media & the Market:

During last week’s IMC discussion, I came across this interesting infographic titled “5 1/2 Best Twitter Practices” created by an interactive media agency called NJI Media.

NJI_twitter_infographicIt got me thinking… what makes a good tweet? How can individuals,  small businesses and corporations craft tweets that are more likely to be retweeted, favorited and talked about? Here’s what I came up with, and I’m interested to read what others are thinking.

5 Qualities of a Good Tweet

1. Include a link.

Many accounts with a high number of followers frequently include links in their tweets, and there’s a reason why. People on Twitter LOVE to click on links. According to the infographic above (and many other sources), 57% of all retweets include a link.

2. Utilize real time and user-generated content.

The same infographic says that because Twitter is a fast news-gathering tool, tweets are more likely to resonate with followers…

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Simple, key principles to Twitter Engagement

Originally posted on News Podge:

5 Twitter Tricks to Boost Engagement

1. Be interesting. Developing an effective Twitter presence is all about knowing your audience and executing a well-crafted strategy. Your followers will naturally stay interested if you publish content that they find intriguing and compelling. Tweeting images, videos, and links are proven to be more engaging. By sharing relevant content, your business is already on its way to building an interactive audience.

2. Tweet when they tweet. it’s important to know when your audience is online. The best time to tweet will differ depending on your brand and targeted audience…

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Is Twitter lazy or just blind: Making a play for messaging supremacy?

Originally posted on Uncrunched:

The valuations of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and others are, obviously, stunning.

Twitter is our de facto identifier now (think of all the times you see Twitter handles on TV news and other media). Not Facebook, and certainly not Google.

Allowing proper private communication among users is an obvious easy win. And yet Twitter has never really cared about private messaging. Direct messaging is a long neglected product, and Twitter doesn’t seem to care much about it.

I wonder if Twitter execs regret not paying more attention to private messaging, and if they occasionally fantasize about the extra tens of billions of dollars they might have added to their market cap if they had done so.

It’s not too late.

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Twitter’s Vine has introduced a feature that allows you to message other users directly via video. This adds both a direct messaging channel and video clips to its messages, a big addition to Twitter’s video app.

There is a direct parallel to be drawn here between Instagram’s Direct image messaging feature, obviously — and it goes hand in hand with Twitter’s renewed interest in its direct messaging channel. The allegory is interesting, as there isn’t a lot of public evidence that Direct has had any real traction. Still, it allows Twitter to experiment with video messaging in a separate silo, and it does make some sense to start with Vine before adding video messaging to Twitter.

You create a new Vine message by tapping on the Messages section, recording a video and sending it off. You can send to multiple recipients, but all of the conversations are one-to-one — much…

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

At a press event today, Lithium Technologies confirmed reports that it has closed its acquisition of Klout.

Re/code first reported on the deal back in February, saying that it was “signed but not closed,” and then Fortune reported yesterday that the price was nearly $200 million.

However, the companies didn’t confirm the acquisition until just now. Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff said that he doesn’t see the deal as just an acquisition, but as “redefining” what his company is about. Klout co-founder and CEO Joe Fernandez is joining Lithium as the senior vice president and general manager of the Klout business.

Lithium offers tools for companies to build online communities for their customers. It raised $50 million last fall in what it said was pre-IPO mezzanine financing.

Klout, meanwhile, has raised more than $40 million from investors, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mayfield Fund, ff Venture Capital…

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or give it to me…

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Yesterday Naoki Hiroshima, an Echofon developer, posted an article about how he lost his extremely short Twitter handle @N in an extortion scheme. Hackers compromised his GoDaddy account with social engineering (calling and lying to an account rep), gaining access to his email on a personal domain.

They said that they gained access via a similar call to PayPal, who the hacker claimed gave them the last four digits of Hiroshima’s credit card. They then used that CC info to convince GoDaddy that they were the owner of the domain, and reset his login information.

They used that data to leverage Hiroshima into giving them — under duress — his low-character-count Twitter user name @N. This, it turns out, was the point of the entire affair from the beginning.

PayPal has since investigated and claims that it never gave out Hiroshima’s credit card number or any other personal information —…

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